Well, the post below was supposed to start this blog off, but well, life happened … so NOW we’ll get this business rolling.

So here goes!  TA DUM! Welcome to my art business.

I’ve just completed my first couple of web pages. More to go, obviously, but I like the start. I’m sure I’ve made a dozen mistakes already but I have to start somewhere.

This blog will focus on the process of creating art and an art business. It’s amazing how much work has gone into this enterprise so far and I want to share it all. But since my focus is my art, the blogging will be a bit at a time. Some posts will be the new art in progress. Some will be about how I got this far. Some will be about the resources I’m using to help me out. Who knows what the rest will be?!  I can’t wait to find out.

IMG_0930 This seems like a good image to start with. It’s a mosaic I call “Light Waves.” I made it for my daughter but I’d love to make a series of these and sell them. I find it peaceful and dynamic all at the same time. I can almost feel the ocean moving and the waves of light breaking over me. I know it isn’t what real light waves look like but sometimes it’s the way I feel. Especially when I’m around intense colors like those of a great flower garden or at a Chihuly exhibit.

So check out the website at and let me know what you think. Be honest! Be helpful. You won’t hurt my feelings. I want your input. I love getting input from many minds. I roll it all around and often come up with something I never would have thought of all on my own.




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