It’s been an eventful few months since I tried launching this blog.

Life happens – my kiddo decided this year was the year to have even more major problems at school. Long story short, I asked “Have we tested her for emotional/behavioral disorders? If not, why not, and when can we start?”.  She was officially designated as a special ed student with “issues” which the district apparently doesn’t test for but which clearly include hyperactivity and anxiety as well as oppositional defiance. Unfortunately as a single mom, these issues take a toll on me too not just on her teacher and classmates. That plus the unusually harsh winter we had here in the Twin Cities in Minnesota left me seriously depressed for about 3 months. For at least one of those months I couldn’t even create art. The very idea of reaching out to people and trying to sell myself during this period was just impossible.

So now, the days are longer, the snow is melting in fits and starts, and I am feeling better. I’ve created a whole new line of works that I’m calling the Kaleidoscope Series. They are all bright colors and multi-textured mixed media (a few are pictured below).

I’ve started Natasha Wescoat’s art marketing course ( and started working the web again. Oh, and knitting some great hats like the one below while watching my kid at her after school activities.

So, wish me luck.

100_0038 100_0092 100_0117 100_0140 100_0154 100_0147 100_0166 100_0086



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