Going Great Guns!

Good midday,
I’m here for a second helping. This getting a business started stuff is exhausting but exhilarating. I managed to get a little art done (see below) and came up with an idea for little gifts I can give to folks who buy my art. Of course, I can sell these small items too, and at a low price point so that’s a bonus.

Things for the week:

  1.  Setting up my new and improved (meaning stocked) Etsy shop. Now open at https://www.etsy.com/shop/TreeFrogMosaics. Please check it out and let me know what you like and what you hate.
  2. Figuring out how to use Twitter, Fb, etc.. This is going to be interesting.
    a. Found another on-line biz coach who focuses on social media: Laura Roeder@lkr on Twitter. I think she has some good insight.
    b. Also working on Nastasha Wescoat’s marketing courses at ArtCareerAcademy.com. She has a nice YouTube video on Etsy marketing.
    I’m finding this work a bit hard since I don’t generally read many blogs, watch much YouTube, Tweet, or know my target market (i.e., who I’m directing my pearls of wisdom and wildness to).
    c. Also found this vid on YouTube about “How To Successfully Sell Pictures at Art Festivals and Fairs” by Deborah Gilbert https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eUZJUmQWEZM.
    It gives some great tips for beginners like me:
    What kinds of canopies are out there and what are their pros and cons.
    What questions should you ask fair organizers and which answers are red flags.
    Booth creep – what it is and why it’s important.
    and I’m only half way through the video.
  3. Working on figuring out my target market. This is particularly difficult for me since I have no hard data yet. I’ve made no sales and haven’t really done any shows.
  4. Figuring out pricing.
    I know I want to have stuff at several price points and that entails more creativity.
    I’m working on making small painted gems that can be sold as is, can be made into bottle-top necklaces, who knows? (see below)
    I’m also trying to get photos that will make great note cards and post cards.
    I’m working hard to value my mosaics by how much time they actually take to make. I need to do better tracking here so I know exactly how much time I’m talking about. I have a feeling I’m severely underestimating this factor.
  5. On starting the Etsy shop
    a. I did not realize how much time it would take to create a good listing. The photos are key, duh, but I didn’t realize how much more time I’d have to put into them. Also, as noted by a friend, I need to buy a better photo editing program. She suggested Photoshop Elements. So that’s next on the list.
    b. The COPY feature for adding new items is helpful but it still requires quite a bit of time to do the curating bits and getting the photos right.
    c. Joining Teams. This was an aspect I knew nothing about but is kind of a fun process. There are thousands, yes thousands, of teams listed in Etsy where groups of artisans come together to do any number of things from promoting each others’ stores to exchanging ideas about sales including internet social media stuff and selling at fairs. There are groups for different types of art, groups for different regions, groups for various differently abled folks, it’s amazing.

So here are some smaller “quicker” pieces (4″ x 6″) that I got done this week. These are mostly done with Pebeo Vitreal paint – which I don’t care for, as it turns out — and with minimal mosaic work. There are also some of the “gems” and bottle cap necklace pendants I’m working on. An additional benefit of the decorated gems is that my daughter is enjoying making these too so they’re a family enterprise! Yay.

Black and white photograph of a geometric flower and swirled accents on glass

Part of my process

Part of my process

Rainbow colored geometric flower surrounded by swirls of color

The final product

Aqua blue background with geometric flowers. One painted with each petal a different color along the rainbow.
Another final piece from the week.

Clear glass cabachon gems with brightly colored flowers painted on the back.

Mine works for low price point sales


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